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Namesodium chloride
CAS No.7647-14-5
EC No.231-598-3

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7606|SODIUM CHLORIDE STANDARD SOLUTION 0,1mol/l 0.5 [l] Chempur42.35
7607|SODIUM CHLORIDE STANDARD SOLUTION 0,1mol/l 1 [l] Chempur72.80
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7619|SODIUM CHLORIDE STANDARD SOLUTION 1mol/l 1 [l] Chempur84.79
7620|SODIUM CHLORIDE STANDARD SOLUTION 50mg/l 1 [l] Standard Chempur94.61
7621|SODIUM CHLORIDE STANDARD SOLUTION 100mg/l 1 [l] Standard Chempur98.17
7622|SODIUM CHLORIDE STANDARD SOLUTION 200mg/l 1 [l] Standard Chempur101.73
18664|SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.1 [kg] Pure Protolab10.83
18687|SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.25 [kg] Pure Protolab12.58
19067|SODIUM CHLORIDE 25 [kg] Pure Protolab144.26
19500|SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.25 [kg] Pure p. a. Protolab8.67

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