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Quantity250 [g]
GradePure p. a.



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Namesodium chloride
CAS No.7647-14-5
EC No.231-598-3
Total nitrogen (N)
Sulfate (SO4)
Heavy metals (as Pb)
As (Arsenic)
Ca (Calcium)
Fe (Iron)
Mg (Magnesium)

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7621|SODIUM CHLORIDE STANDARD SOLUTION 100mg/l 1 [l] Standard Chempur131.54
7622|SODIUM CHLORIDE STANDARD SOLUTION 200mg/l 1 [l] Standard Chempur148.02
18664|SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.1 [kg] Pure Protolab20.85
19016|sodium chloride 0.05 [kg] Pure Protolab18.22
19018|sodium chloride 1 [kg] Pure Protolab53.64
19019|sodium chloride 5 [kg] Pure Protolab171.81
19535|sodium chloride 1 [kg] Pure p. a. Protolab59.20
20029|sodium chloride 0.025 [l] Pure Protolab17.43
20033|sodium chloride 0.025 [l] Pure p. a. Protolab17.58
20034|sodium chloride 0.05 [l] Pure p. a. Protolab18.52
20035|sodium chloride 0.1 [l] Pure p. a. Protolab21.44
20037|sodium chloride 5 [l] Pure p. a. Protolab197.49
21293|SODIUM CHLORIDE 1 [kg] Pure p. a. Stanlab9.44

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